A Life Skills Education & Mentoring Program for those that desire to make HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL CHANGES for their families and their lives.

" Essentially you are serving those who need to believe

in themselves and the God who created them. "

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Love Plus is a FREE 16-18 week holistic initiative that helps individuals, couples and families rediscover hope for their lives through life skills education and one-on-one mentoring.  Love Plus offers life skills workshops in the following areas:


                                  ♥ Community Stewardship

                                  ♥ Decision-Making Skills

                                  ♥ Vocational Prep Skills

                                  ♥ Health & Nutrition

                                  ♥ Money Management

                                  ♥ Building Healthy Relationships



The goal of Love Plus is to encourage and equip couples and individuals to make important changes in their lives, their families and ultimately their community. Developing supportive relationships with mentors, teachers and peers is at the heart of Love Plus.



Mentors work with participants to set goals in one or more of six key areas and monitor their progress throughout the term. Students earn incentives for participating and rewards for completing workshops and assignments.


Fill out a Love Plus Mentor application and be that change for yourself and others!

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Gentlemen Mentors Needed


If you or someone you know is interested in this program, please contact the Love Plus Coordinator at 209-383-7034, ext. 130, or email at loveplus@loveincmerced.com



Through Love Plus individuals and families have an opportunity to set goals, learn valuable skills and be made aware of both church and community resources. In this program, spiritual and emotional support is shown to all that attend by pairing them with a mentor.


Each mentor agrees to help participants reach attainable goals throughout the 16-weeks.

A typical Wednesday night at Love Plus starts with one hour of class instruction, and then

a 50-minute mentor session.




1. To be a reliable source of encouragement,

2. To help participants take positive steps toward their goals,

3. To teach and instill problem-solving skills,

4. To encourage them to get involved in their community, and

5. To share the love of Christ.

Love In The Name of Christ

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