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Get the help and tools you need to create a better life for yourself and your family.


How to Get Help...


Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) does not provide in-office or walk-in interviews.

Therefore you must submit a verbal request to the Love INC Helpline, or you can submit your request here.


Call the Helpline: (209) 383-1265, ext. 100

or fill our a

The Clearinghouse Process

Services that Love INC Coordinates

Love INC offers people in need or transition, resources that help bridge some of the most difficult circumstances in their lives. Through Love INC, volunteers and churches unite to help meet some of those needs in the following ways:



♥ Food

♥ Diapers

♥ Baby Formula

♥ Household Goods

♥ Furniture and Appliances

♥ Holiday Assistance (Gifts and Food Baskets)

♥ Other Special Needs



Love INC of Greater Merced provides the following used furniture and household items for individuals and families in need that qualify and meet the requirements of our verification process:



♥ Beds (Mattress & Box Spring)

♥ Sofa, Couch and/or Love-seat

♥ Recliners or Living Room Chairs

♥ Dinette Sets

♥ Coffee Tables

♥ Dressers

♥ Washers/Dryers

♥ Refrigerators

♥ Bedding/Towels

♥ Dish-ware (glasses, dishes, pots & pans)

♥ Other necessary items as requested



There are no fees associated with Love Plus.


Love Plus is a 16 -18 week life skills education and mentoring program. Participants attend workshops in money management, decision-making, health and nutrition, vocational prep and building healthy relationships. Each participant is matched with a mentor who helps them to set goals and encourages personal growth throughout the term.


Find out how Love Plus can change your life! Click here for more info.


If you or someone you know is interested in this program, please contact Love Plus

at 209-383-7034, ext. 130, or email at


If you would like to find out more about Love Plus click here for more information.

Homeless Shower Ministry



Thursdays 8am-11am at Merced Salvation Army 1440 W 12th St, Merced, CA we help host a

FREE PORTABLE HOMELESS SHOWER MINISTRY.  Homeless brothers and sisters can have a free shower, items they need to wash, new set of clothing and a meal.


Saturdays 10am-1pm at St. Matthew Baptist Church 1057 N. St, Merced, CA we help host a

FREE PORTABLE HOMELESS SHOWER MINISTRY.  Homeless brothers and sisters can have a free shower, items they need to wash, new set of clothing and a meal.


 Click here to find out more!


Call the Helpline: (209) 383-1265, ext. 100

Other Resources

in Merced

PG&E: One-Time Help (REACH Program)

How to Enroll in REACH:

  1. Complete the following steps to enroll in REACH:

  2. Determine whether you qualify. Visit REACH Criteria and Guidelines.

  3. Contact the REACH program at 1-800-933-9677.


Cal Fresh Food Benefits: 1-877-847-3663 or


New Direction Outreach: (209) 726-2700  They help resource out to partnering churches if you need help with paperwork, homeless, assistance with paying rent, etc.


Catholic Charities Church: (209) 383-2494  336 Main Street, Merced (Help with an I.D card for $1)


Boys & Girls Club: Virtual COVID-19 Support Group for Kids. Ages 6-8 (Mondays) Ages 9-11 (Wednesdays) Beginning April 20th @4p-5p


Boys & Girls Club: “Let’s Fight Anxiety & Isolation Together”


Charitable Pharmacy: Community Health Centers of America (209) 340-7929  517 Main Street, Suite B, Livingston (FREE medications for uninsured low-income patients)


Shopping for Seniors:


Cardenas Market: @6a-7a


Dollar General: 1st hour of business each day. Store hours vary, call or check online at for your closet location.


La Perla Tapatia: @7a-8a


O’Brien’s Market (Modesto & Riverbank): @7a


Savemart: @6a-9a


Love In The Name of Christ

Greater Merced

P.O. Box 2141

Merced CA 95344

Office Hours:

9am to 2pm Mon - Thur

Office Line: (209) 383-7034

Help Line: (209) 383-1265

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