Through local partnerships in our community, we'll connect you with the help and tools you need to create a better life for yourself and your family.

We love giving things away. Here are a few examples of what we offer, or you can browse our services below to see more.


The Love INC Clearinghouse takes many requests for help each year. These calls are answered by caring volunteers who listen to understand people’s situations and direct them to the most appropriate source of help. This can mean a referral to an area agency or services provided by area churches and volunteers through the Clearinghouse.

Homeless Shower Ministry

Homeless brothers and sisters can have a free shower, items they need to wash, a new set of clothing, and a meal. We have portable units that are currently parked at two locations, but we’re always looking for additional hosts. If interested, contact us for further information.

Love Plus

Love Plus is a 16 -18 week life skills education and mentoring program. Participants attend workshops in money management, decision-making, health and nutrition, vocational prep and building healthy relationships. Each participant is matched with a mentor who helps them to set goals and encourages personal growth throughout the term.

Additional Resources

Along with the services we offer directly, we also provide a growing list of local resources to help you and your family continue to thrive.

How to get the help you need

We do not provide in-office or walk-in interviews, but you can give us a call at our help line or submit your request through our intake form. 

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Returning Client

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